Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reunion Logisitics

The Okie Axworthys are super excited for your arrival! We've got a great schedule of activities planned (see the schedule below) and we are hoping we don't have to throw in a trip to a storm shelter. Been there. Done that. An interesting experience, but not one to repeat.

Since this reunion is a bit different, in that we are all covering our own expenses, David and I have a plan to ensure our group meals to be fun, relaxing and easy. David has graciously offered to be "the check" guy for our group lunches/dinners and Sunday brunch. In another words, David will put each meal on his credit card and each family will reimburse him at the end. No fighting for the check! We will be able to figure out the total we owe David Saturday evening because Sunday brunch is a set a price.

To give you a rough estimate, please plan on approximately $100 per person for all the meals during the reunion (this estimate does not include alcohol). For those not here for dinner on Thursday evening, it will obviously be less than that.

Let me know if you have any questions. Oh, and bring your discs for frisbee golf!! Those discs also might come in handy for golf ball size hail. Gotta love Oklahoma!

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